Drained World is set in 2080, many years after the end of the Third World War which saw the near-eradication of the human population due to constant violence and conflict. Those who’ve survived live in continuous strife. Money holds no vice, not in this new world - clean water and edible food serve as the new barter, and people do not hesitate to end lives to survive.

Drained World is a post-apocalyptic action packed web series created by Fabien Garcia and produced by Fabien Garcia and Lohan Buson.

Shot, so far, on locations in France and around Los Angeles, Drained World’s cast is led by Fabien Garcia (Die Fighting) as Frank, Christy St. John (Question, Let's Do the Cat Dance, The Students of Springfield Street) as Yara and more actors set to join the show in upcoming episodes.

If, following the release of the pilot, the series continues, the first season of Drained World will have a total of 10 episodes. We’re currently seeking partners and investors to complete the remaining 9 episodes. If you’re interested, please contact us or find out the different ways to support the show by checking our PARTICIPATE page.

Welcome to DRAINED WORLD! Kill or be killed!

Cast & Characters:

Fabien Garcia as


Christy St. John as



Antoine Piquet as

Leader of the Bandits (S01 E01)


Main Crew:

Fabien Garcia
Writer / Director / Executive Producer / Editor

Lohan Buson
Executive Producer

Maxime Demba
Co-Executive Producer (S01 E01)

Vincent Gatinaud
Co-Executive Producer (S01 E01)

Antoine Piquet
Co-Executive Producer (S01 E01)


Taras Tkachenko

Tyler Stenson
Singer/Songwriter (S01 E01)

Godefroy Ryckewaert
Camera Operator (S01 E01)

Val Hovanesian
Camera Operator (S01 E01)


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